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Increase Employee Happiness

Employees are the cornerstone of enterprise development. An enterprise should share the fruits of business development with its employees. We want to create a warm, harmonious, and happy workplace for employees and allow them to feelbliss, respect, and recognition within it.

Performance highlights

Rights, Interests and Benefits Of Employees


Policies of employment and fundamental rights of employees:

We formulated the Management Measures for Staff Dismissal  and we carry out dismissal procedures in strict accordance with labor regulations. 

We formulated the Staff Recruitment and Hiring Management Policies to standardize the recruitment process; 

We carry out dismissal procedures in strict accordance with labor regulations; 

We implement a flexible working hours policies to ensure that the standard working hours for different positions are 40 hours per week, and overtime hours can be exchanged for days off; 

We formulated the Administrative Measures for Requesting Leave, and implement paid annual leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, and other statutory holidays in accordance with national regulations; 

We formulated the Salary Management Policies and have adopted different remuneration formulas consisting of fixed pay, performance bonus, and rates by hours/pieces according to different job sequences; 

We formulated the Performance Management Measures, in which the results of employee performance evaluations are taken as important factors for promotion; we established a dual-channel promotion mechanism for expertise-oriented and management-oriented employees. 

Employee communication channels:

We launched a campaign to encourage all employees to register and use nicknames instead of using their job titles; 

We established an employee representative assembly to collect opinions from all employees; 

We opened online communication channels on DingTalk and OA; 

We established a face-to-face communication mechanism between management and employees; 

We conducted employee satisfaction surveys and touchpoint surveys; 

We smooth employee complaint channels. 

Comprehensive salaries and benefits:

We have formulated and issued the Benefit Management Measures to provide employees with a rich and complete benefit package. On the basis of statutory benefits, we also provide supplementary and special benefits for employees. 

We also provide factory employees with additional benefits, including free dormitory or housing subsidies, free work meals, and other benefits such as full attendance and seniority awards. 

Promotion and training:

We provide promotion channels for management-oriented and expertise-oriented employees according to the characteristics of the position; 

We use a consistent performance management Policies and have formulated the Performance Management Measures, the Personnel Management Measures, and the Internal Competition Policies to ensure that the performance evaluation standards are open to employees at all levels, that the procedures are fair, and that the appointment and promotion of managers at all levels is open and transparent; 

We integrate internal and external training resources, provide personalized vocational training sessions for employees at different stages of development;  

We invite instructors to provide vocational skill training and grade employees with exams, including junior Internet marketers, senior health managers, and senior tea art specialists, etc; 

We set up "mini-classes" within the Company to encourage employees to share their work and service experiences of their positions with colleagues; 

We held a "leadership training camp", in which employees received intensive on-the-job training and learning; 

We worked with Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics to provide an academic degree upgrade class. 

Actions for Employee Care:

Care for women: For working mothers, we have created a private, clean, and cozy "house of mom's love", with sofas, chairs, refrigerators, wet wipes, and breastfeeding guides and posters. During the reporting period, we provided 30 working mothers (including breastfeeding mothers and mothers-to-be) with a "warm home" in the workplace.We give our female employees a "3•8" pink gift bag and a half-day holiday on every International Women's Day (March 8). 

Care for youth:We have teamed up with enterprises in the park to establish the secure dating platform "Take Your Sweet Time" to broaden the social networks of young employees and improve their quality of life. 

Outstanding Employee Award:We held the medal award ceremony to honor outstanding teams and individuals at the online 2022 Annual Conference "Keep Going Further" .We held the Veteran Employee Appreciation Ceremony under the slogan "10 years later, we are more confident and capable than ever". Designed to honor Proya's outstanding employees who have been a part of the Proya family for over a decade, we invited them to share their experiences at the ceremony.To honor outstanding employees and teams during Double Eleven, we held Proya's 2022 Double Eleven Commendation Ceremony themed "All-rounders March into the Future".

Care for presenters: We provided presenters with humidifiers and flowers to make their work environment more comfortable.We provided psychological guidance for presenters to relieve work stress.

Holiday condolences: We have actively organized holiday celebrations with our employees to make them feel at home. These included the "2022 Be Dynamic As A Tiger - Embracing the Year of the Tiger and Sending Spring Festival Couplets" and making lanterns for the Lantern Festival.

Interest-based training and certification: Our labor union and the labor union of Xihu District provided employees with interest-based training programs and certifications such as beautician, pastry chef, and tea master.

Exclusive benefits for employees: We held two company-wide multi-brand purchase events for employees in the second half of the year, offering affordable product promotions, which achieved average sales of over RMB400,000 per event.

Communication: By maintaining good communication with the CPC Youth League Xihu District Committee, we organized the 2022 Xihu District "Wave Riders" Summer Social Practice and Exchange Activity for students from Zhejiang University and other universities.

Proya's charity fund: We have carried out one case of aid with charity fund to provide charity fund for employees suffering from breast cancer.  

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Occupational Health And Safety


Occupational Health And Safety:

We received the ISO45001:2018 OHSAS certification (valid until 2/14/2025), and no occupational disease cases occurred in the Company; 

We formulated and issued the Occupational Health Management Policies, and established an occupational health management goal of "no occupational disease; regular occupational hazard factor detection and occupational health examinations"; 

To establish a sound safety production management Policies, we have formulated institutional documentation such as the Safe Production Inspection and Hidden Hazard Investigation and Management Policies, the Safe Production Education and Training Policies, the Regular Meeting Policies for Safety, and the Fire Safety Management Policies; 

We purchased specialized safety facilities and emergency rescue equipment to prevent injury and for emergency rescue and handling; 

We added an online site monitoring system and connected the system to a governmental video surveillance platform as a part of intelligent management; 

We proceeded with the "Massive Safety Training For A Million Employees" program, so that all employees could master the laws and regulations for safe production, accident prevention, and emergency response measures (the program required 100% participation, 100% training, and 100% pass rate); 

We implemented a new dual-control system consisting of safety risk-graded control and hidden danger identification and elimination, taught all employees how to identify sources of danger and produced a list of safety risks and corresponding safety protection measures to minimize risks. 

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Balance Work And Life


Balance Work And Life:

We organized contests such as "Star Anchor" and "Star Singer"; 

We provide a leisure bar, a fitness area, and a reading corner for employees; 

Proya Qingteng Art Center regularly organizes exhibitions of all kinds to cultivate artistic sentiment; 

We prepare featured gifts and carry out colorful activities for employees on major holidays; 

We helped employees set up nine clubs, including the badminton club, the basketball club, the football club, the music club, the outdoor club, the charity club, and the learning club, providing an average of RMB 150,000 per year in subsidies for the clubs and organize regular competitions; 

We have a canteen for employees that is regularly inspected per week or per quarter. The dining rate of the canteen has been significantly improved, so is the employee satisfaction rate. 

To encourage employees to pursue a better life, we established cross-border cooperation with COSTA to learn about the history of coffee and tasting techniques. We set up photography courses to provide training on photography equipment and light & shade effects. We also organized Excel function learning exchange meetings to teach professional skills, offered the "Beauty of Technology" mini-classes to share knowledge on cosmetic medicine, and worked with Qingteng Art Center to provide courses in tea art.

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Action progress

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