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Supply Chain

Aiming to set a standard for global intelligent manufacturing and supply chain in the makeup industry, PROYA employs cutting-edge technologies and equipment, actively pioneers intelligent makeup production and incorporates new green ecological concepts, resulting in a modern, ecological, and intelligent makeup factory. It efficiently and effectively guarantees the brand's rapid development, positioning PROYA as a benchmark in China's intelligent makeup production.

Skincare Factory

We aim to construct an environmentally conscious, resource-efficient makeup factory of the highest caliber worldwide.

Transparent factory


Science-based low-carbon factory


Cutting-edge technology and leading production capacity


Digital transformation and upgrading

Cosmetics Factory

We aim to become a large-scale cosmetics company that integrates R&D, production, and services.

Quality is the foundation


Compliance is critical


Safety is a priority


Environmental protection is our mission

Logistics Center

We are the leading company in the global cosmetics industry for managing warehousing and logistics.

Storage module design

Automated full-cycle warehousing in 42,000 compartments.


Automated sortation module design

Automated warehouse discharge of case- and box-packed goods. Manual sorting of incoming bulk goods. 


Software controlled module design

Dark factory is realized as the whole process from goods entry into the warehouse to receipt by customers is controlled by software. 


Smart park management

Enabled by transportation management system (TMS).

Product ingredient disclosure
The time of product ingredient disclosure lags behind the requirement. If an inconsistency exists, please refer to the registration information at the National Medical Products Administration. Here's the links to see the detailed product registration information:
China Specialty Cosmetics Registration Information
China General Cosmetics Recordation Information