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Build a Beautiful Society

PROYA is committed to the the cause of beauty. The company focuses on female beauty philosophy from inside to outside, and leads enterprises' care for women to extend from individual skin nursing to the society as a whole. Proya insists on expressing our views, shares the social value of "beauty", and promotes the values of mutual support, equality, and independence. We share happiness with the world to help more people live a better life.

Performance highlights

Gender Equality



In 2022, we directly benefited about 430,000 people  and indirectly benefited 119 million people  through social advocacy activities and public charity.

In March, Proya initiated the "Gender Does Not Divide Us, Prejudice Does" theme event to pay tribute to the "power of women". The true story of a all female ’lion dancing class at Hexing Hall, Guangzhou, which vividly expresses the theme "gender does not divide us, prejudice does". 

In March,We partnered with seven brands on advertisements, with the aim of breaking the stereotype of gender and speaking out for gender equality. We worked with the cultural IP "Xi'an Fang Suo Commune" to launch a themed book list and donate books to 10 rural elementary schools. 

In May , we teamed up with Teacher Liu Wenli, Beijing Xingzhi School and Beijing Magnolia Community Services Center to launch the gender education documentary "The Same Sky: How We Conduct Gender Education". 

In May, proya launched the Mother's Day Special Campaign "Visible Only to Moms", calling on everyone to break the stereotype of mothers and make more family members aware that "tasks should not be assigned based on family roles". The campaign called on every family member to shoulder familial responsibilities equally. 

In May , Proya partnered with China Youth Development Foundation to launch the campaign. We built spiritual resting places in 10 middle schools in Chongqing. We worked with a team of psychology teachers from 10 middle schools in Chongqing to organize three parent training sessions and two teacher training sessions.We recruited 40 students from 10 middle schools in Chongqing to attend the Echo Project's "spiritual growth" summer camp. 

In October, We upgraded Proya's Echo Project: We released "Outlet", a video touching upon mental health and worked with the psychological consultant Li Songwei and Du Sujuan, a literature professor at East China University of Political Science and Law, to release two charity videos: "We need to see each other better" and " Adolescents can cry if they're in pain". We presented a list of audio-visual works of soothing books.We worked with the Xiaoyuzhoufm APP to launch five special podcasts about emotions.We teamed up with Dr. Liu Dan, a clinical psychologist from the School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, Peking University, to offer open online classes, and invited psychologists to co-host offline public lectures in Qingdao, Xi'an, Chengdu, and Sanya.We cooperated with Beijing New Sunshine Charity Foundation to open a long-term hotline for psychological guidance.

In October, Proya and China Education Television jointly launched the "Firefly Project - Anti School-bullying Campaign". The project included a charity video, public advertisements, and the launch of the School Bullying Prevention Guide. The goal was to convey the message that no aspect of school bullying is trivial, and that even the smallest beam of light can break through the deepest darkness.



Proya and China Women's Daily jointly launched the "Gender does not divide us, prejudice does!" campaign on Women's Day. As of March 16, 2021, the campaign video had been played more than 25 million times. In addition, the campaign topic had been read 150 million times and discussed more than 103,000 times on the Weibo topic page, triggering widespread social resonance.


As of December 31, 2016

The donations from the charitable projects for women held by Proya and UN Women in China had reached RMB 6.6 million, helping more women to realize their dreams. Proya was granted honorable titles by UN Women such as the "Prize for Contribution to Women’s Development" and the "HeForShe Contribution Prize".



On December 12, the Report of the Climate Change Vulnerability Research from a Gender Perspective in China, which is the outcome of the project "Explore How Climate Change, Disasters, Poverty, and Gender Interact in China" funded by Proya and carried out by UN Women China, was officially released at the United Nations Building in Beijing. According to the Report, men and women are affected differently when facing challenges brought by climate change. 

In May, Proya, UN Women, and Beijing Roller Derby co-hosted the International Roller Derby Invitational with the theme of "Shining Olympic Spirit on Gender Equality". The event was attended by Deng Yaping, an Olympic champion, Zhu Yawen, a famous movie star, Wang Meng, a speed skating champion, Xue Li, a leader of the General Administration of Sport of China, Anna-Karin Jatfors, Deputy Executive Director of UN Women Asia and the Pacific, Julia Broussard, the Country Program Manager for the UN Women China Office, Yu Jia, a CCTV host, and many other famous celebrities at the scene to cheer for athletes. 

In March, as the only corporate representative, Proya was invited to "PLANET 50-50 BY 2030: STEP IT UP FOR GENDER EQUALITY", a commemorative event for Women's Day 2016 organized by UN Women Asia-Pacific Headquarters. Proya's sunscreen products were once again favored by attending international guests, following Proya's Day & Night Aqua Secret. 



In November, Proya led a large group of partners to visit the UN Headquarters. This visit was not only an intensive business visit for the beauty & cosmetics industry, but also brought a commercial meeting into the meeting room of the UN Headquarters. Proya's Day & Night Aqua Secret appeared at various UN events as a "national gift" of the UN. Meanwhile, the public service announcement of Proya's Day & Night Aqua Secret also appeared on the big screen of Times Square in New York on Thanksgiving Day. 

In October, Proya was granted the HeForShe Contribution Award by UN Women at the 2015 International Conference on Gender Equality and Corporate Social Responsibility & HeForShe Event. Also, 10 Proya male employees attended the bicycle riding event around West Lake as a part of the "HeForShe" serial events to advocate gender equality and speak volumes for the power of women. 

In May, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women, visited Proya. During the stay, she recognized and appreciated Proya for its determination and commitment to gender equality for women, and highly acclaimed Proya for all its efforts. 

In April, Proya's CEO Fang Yuyou became a Chinese Publicity Ambassador for the "HeForShe" program of the UN together with Li Guangfu nicknamed "Public Daddy", Zhang Xiaolong nicknamed "Most Handsome Imperial Doctor", the Olympic shooting champion Yang Ling, Wei Zi nickname "Man of Iron on the Screen", and the CCTV host James Chau. Mr. Fang expects more Chinese men will join the “HeForShe ”program! 

In March, the "Protective Umbrella for Women Program by Proya and UN Women" was successfully initiated. The program focuses on "gender equality at the workplace", "employment support for women", and "physical and mental health of women", and provides more support for realizing gender equality across society. In the same month, Proya, in collaboration with UN Women and China National Textile and Apparel Council, initiated the "Employment Equality for Women in Zhejiang Textile and Apparel Industry" marking the expansion of women's public welfare establishments from the cosmetics industry to the textile and apparel industry.



In October, a seminar titled "Women's Leadership and Workplace Diversity: Benefits to Business", which was organized by UN Women and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and facilitated by Proya, was held in Beijing. This seminar promoted the widespread dissemination of the public welfare concept of workplace diversity. In August, Proya and the Norwegian government jointly contributed to the special fund of UN Women and initiated the "Climate Change and Women Protection" program to seek an array of effective measures against the arid environment caused by climate change and its damage to women. 

In March, Proya's CEO Fang Yuyou also participated in the "Sixth Annual Meeting for Women's Empowerment Principles" held at UN Women Headquarters in New York, and became the first Chinese CEO who delivered a powerful speech at the meeting! 



In November, Proya held a series of events for its 10th anniversary, during which we organized the "Charitable Treasure Hunt in the West Lake" and a summit forum with UN Women, discussed gender equality and corporate social responsibilities with embassies of different countries and many well-known international enterprises. This marks our contributions to promoting equality for women worldwide. 

In September, Proya became the UN Women's (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women) first corporate partner in China, and donated RMB 3 million for public causes. Our CEO Mr. Fang Yuyou led the CEOs of ten internationally renowned enterprises, including Fushine of USA, Intercos of Italy, and Menshen of Germany, to sign and execute the Women's Empowerment Principles. To start non-profit cooperation of both parties, Proya launched the "Ocean & Sky" Employment Equity Program which included the "One Yuan for Beauty" initiative throughout the nation after the conference. Every time a consumer buys a Proya Ocean Hydropower Algae Nutrient Activating Infusion or a Proya Whitening Secret, Proya will donate RMB 1 to UN Women. All donations will be used to support charitable projects for women’s employment and effectively help a wide range of women.    


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Humanitarian Aid



In 2022, we donated RMB 1 million to the "Every County Has One Dream" Charity Project, which will be implemented in 2023. Besides,we donated stationery and books to the village to strengthen its educational infrastructure. In addition, we actively organize employees to participate in volunteer services. During the reporting period, we established a volunteer team and arranged for more than 60 employees to help the park perform 20 volunteer services to aid in community work. We supported the Adream Foundation's "Dream Classroom" project to raise funds and launched a fundraising initiative during the 95 Philanthropy Week to mobilize social support. 



In December, the #Xinli001 hotline for psychological guidance# was officially made available to those suffering emotional issues during the epidemic-related lockdown in Xi'an. Users are given free access to psychological self-assessment, community companions, healing courses, and many other services via an APP or WeChat Public Account of Xinli001. 

In November, our board chairman Hou Juncheng was appointed as the dream partner of the "Love in the Frontier" charitable program, and donated RMB 1.4 million on behalf of Proya to construct two frontier schools; Proya worked with Qianjiang Evening News, Wahaha, DingDong, and Energy Monster to deliver "11.11 Cheering Packs" to delivery workers at various service stations in Hangzhou. 

In October, Proya launched the Echo Project with China Youth Daily and We actively participated with psychiatrists and psychology experts from AAA hospitals, psychology teachers at colleges and universities, and university students to create Internet-based activities such as open classes and charitable promotional videos, and physical activities such as distributing youth mental health care manuals in colleges and universities. In September, Proya donated RMB 100,000 to help the children in Jiulong County, Ganzi, Sichuan Province to go to school as a part of its efforts to care about children and vulnerable populations. In June, the board chairman Hou Juncheng personally donated RMB 10 million to help build the China Beauteville Museum. 



As of December 31, 2020, Proya had donated totally RMB 15,106,453 of funds and materials to hospitals and charitable associations at provincial and municipal levels to combat the epidemic. We have been honorably titled an "Outstanding Contributor to the Prevention and Control of COVID-19" and a "Heroic Zhejiang Business to Combat COVID-19" by Wuhan Charity Federation of Hubei, Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation of Guangdong Province, and Zhejiang Federation of Industry and Commerce. 

In July, we organized employees to donate blood for free to contribute to the clinical blood supply for anti-epidemic purposes. 

In May, Cai Xukun, the brand spokesman of Proya, donated 50,000 hand sanitizers, worth nearly 1 million, to China Children and Teenagers' Fund on behalf of Proya to further express its care for the health of children and teenagers. At the turning point of the domestic epidemic control when Europe was still facing severe challenges, Proya donated more than 200,000 disposable medical masks to Shanghai Fosun Foundation for COVID-19 projects in Europe, and regularly donated masks to 9 institutions in France, Italy, and Spain. Marc-Antoine Jamet, the Secretary-General of LVMH Group, Jean-Luc ANSEL, the president of Cosmetic Valley of France, and the mayor of Val de Reuil city extended sincere gratitude to Proya at the local town hall for donating 100,000 masks during the epidemic. They personally awarded the Medal of Honor to the board chairman Hou Juncheng! 

In March, the "Ruby Action" started. Proya joined hands with the Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation of Guangdong Province and the Red Cross Society of China Huzhou Branch to donate skincare products worth RMB 7.5 million to 10 medical institutions in 8 major affected areas of Hubei Province and Huzhou. These products helped hospital nurses relieve skin problems on faces and hands caused by masks and alcohol. 

In February, Proya donated RMB 4 million to Wuhan, Wenzhou, and Leqing, urgently purchased 110,000 masks from Europe, including 90,000 FFP3/FPP2 masks with filtration efficiency better than that of N99/N95 masks and 20,000 disposable medical masks. Then Proya delivered 68,000 masks to Xishui County, Huanggang City (received by Huanggang People's Hospital, Huanggang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Huanggang Second People's Hospital, and local hospitals) and 43,880 masks to Hubei Charity Federation.

On January 27, Proya established a special leading group for epidemic response under the direction of the commander-in-chief Fang Yuyou, who was the co-founder and CEO of Proya, and officially set up a charitable fund of RMB 15 million. The fund served such purposes as the purchase of medical materials for epidemic response, monetary donations, assistance to affected employees, partners, and their families, and other charitable causes.



In September, Proya donated RMB 2 million (including RMB 1 million donated in 2017) to support the education in Xihu District; donated RMB 3.68 million in total for post-disaster reconstruction in the areas affected by the Typhoon No.9 "Lekima". 

In April, Proya donated RMB 250,000 for poverty alleviation projects in Xihu District and the east and west part of Kaili City. 

In February, the launching ceremony of "Mothers' Care and Warmth for Handicapped Children in the Year of Pig 2019" was unveiled at the indoor stadium of Hangzhou HuShu School, a special education school. Proya gave a big gift pack worth RMB 308 to nearly 200 handicapped children and their parents, allowing special citizens to feel the warmth and sincerity of the society and enhancing their sense of happiness and gain. 



In April, all of the income from charitable prize claw machines at the annual meeting of Proya was used for the Lewen Dream Art Class program to allow more migrant children (children of migrant workers) to have chances to learn and feel art. 

Proya donated RMB 1.06 million via China Children and Teenagers' Fund to build Chunlei Love Libraries in Xuzhou City and Lianyungang City of Jiangsu Province. Each library is equipped with books, bookcases, tables, and chairs. 



In December, Proya launched a crowdfunding campaign in the company for lovely and venerable sanitation workers, also known as "urban beauticians". We bought them gloves, hats, skincare products, and hand cream, hoping to give them warmth in winter.



In August, Proya hosted a non-profit training session about the emergency rescue of left-behind children, titled "Care For Little Migratory Birds". We invited workers in Hangzhou Emergency Rescue Center to train those "little migratory birds" in migrant workers' families in Hangzhou in personal safety and emergency rescue. 

In May, Proya ran "Proya Beautiful Art Classrooms" in Lushan County, Shimian County, and Tianquan County of Ya'an, covering a total area of more than 1200 square meters. We also purchased musical instruments and art tools for 12 primary schools in Ya'an, so children there would be able to learn art, better feel this beautiful world, and have a happy childhood. 



In October, Proya's CEO Mr. Fang Yuyou attended the charity auction of the 11th BAZAAR Celebrity Charity Night. The proceeds of the auction amounted to RMB 1.05 million and were donated to BAZAAR Charity Fund for the "Siyuan Rescue" Program of China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and the "Nesting Action" program of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. 

In September, Proya donated RMB 1 million to Hangzhou Xiacheng District Charity Federation to support the "Heroes Returning from the East - Shepherding in Tianshan" charitable activities organized by the Ramunion Charity Service Center in Xiacheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. In August, for the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Proya Hope Primary School, the board chairman Hou Juncheng and his companions visited the school. They prepared cakes, sports supplies, stationery, and new school uniforms to celebrate the anniversary. 

In May, Proya donated funds to the earthquake-stricken area in Ya'an via China Youth Development Foundation. The funds were used to rebuild schools and help poverty-stricken students in the affected area of Ya'an. Proya Huzhou Branch organized the "Pray for Ya'an" charity donation campaign to show their love to fellows in disaster areas. 



In January, Proya set up "Proya Charity Assistance Fund" at Wuxing District Charity Federation, a fund that retains the principal and donates the interest in the name of Proya. The fund is mainly used to support public welfare undertakings for medical treatment, poverty, the handicapped, and the aged in this region.



In May, a huge earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan. Proya organized two donations and dispatched a fleet to transport cleaning and skincare products worth more than RMB 5 million to affected areas to support recovery.



Proya Hope Primary School was established in Pingliang City, Gansu Province. Before each school-opening day, Proya would send scholarships, school supplies, and entertainment supplies to the students s, visit poverty-stricken families, and give them education subsidies.


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