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About PROYA Foundation

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PROYA Foundation

(Proya Foundation)

Description: The Foundation Introduction: Zhejiang Proya Public Welfare Foundation (Proya Foundation for short) is a non-public fund-raising foundation initiated by Proya Cosmetics Co., Ltd. with a donation of 2 million RMB, which was formally established in August 2023 with the approval of the Department of Civil Affairs of Zhejiang Province. 

The Foundation's Mission: Unite the power of goodness, promote social diversity and tolerance, create beauty, transmit beauty, and achieve beauty.

The foundation focuses on the direction of public welfare: the development of education in remote and poor areas, the promotion of social awareness of gender equality, attention to socially disadvantaged groups, women and adolescents' physical and mental health, and other public welfare undertakings.

PROYA Foundation Organizational Structure

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