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Reducing Packages and Wastes

PROYA shows continued concern for the green packaging issue and actively promotes environmentally-friendly packaging practices. The company adheres to the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) design philosophy to increase packaging sustainability. In our Sustainable Development Strategic Plan (2022-2025), we established a target for sustainable packaging management, taking practical steps in line with the requirements of the 14th five-year plan, circular economy, and other relevant laws and regulations.

Performance highlights

    • In 2022,we upgrad delivery box stuffing from bubble wrap to raffia or honeycomb paper for 30% of orders at Proya official flagship store to reduce the use of disposable plastic;Use FSC-certified delivery boxes;Upgrad delivery cartons to zipper cartons for 99% of orders at Proya official flagship store to reduce the use of tape;Recover regularly green recyclable cartons for recycling again after processing.


    • In 2021, we established a green packaging working group consisting of the Planning Department, the Product Development Department, the Production Department, the Procurement Department, and the Logistics Department; 


    • In 2021, we upgraded ordinary cartons to zipper cartons and designed a snap-on device on recyclable cartons, thus reducing the use of tape by nearly 180,000 rolls in 2021;


    • Since 2020, we have replaced disposable cartons with degradable able cartons in e-commerce channels and intralogistics. A total of 46,000 degradable recyclable cartons have been put into use, and the usage of cartons has been reduced by about 46,000 pieces;


    • In 2021, the traditional plastic ziplock bags of more than 2 million Proya product sets were replaced with environmentally friendly shrink film;


    • In 2021, we used metal aluminum to replace plastics in the product packaging of Elastic Brightening Youth Essence 30ml and Ruby Serum Essence 30ml, thus reducing the usage of plastics by up to 52%, amounting to about 127.6 tons;


    • We reduced the usage of medium packaging boxes and replaced them with large-capacity outer cartons, thus cutting the usage of around 3.9484 million medium packaging boxes and saving 237 tons of base paper in 2021;


    • The Huzhou Production Base (skincare factory) purchased a total of 307 stainless steel storage tanks to store paste after going through CIP disinfection in lieu of plastic barrels and plastic bags, thus reducing packaging waste. A total of 115,000 plastic bags with a size of 1,400cm*900cm were saved in a year, and 61,329 kilograms of solid waste was reduced;


    • We replaced traditional incubators with a new kind of environmentally friendly nano-incubators, of which the materials can be degraded. This new nano-incubator has been used 7,369 times to replace traditional incubators that would have been used 14,738 times;


    • We recycled glass bottles discarded by the factory during production to boost recycling;


    • Proya's production base (skincare factory) keeps improving the recycling rate of water resources by establishing the "reclaimed water recycling system", which recycles the water outflow from the production process and uses it for toilet flushing, plant watering, and peripheral rinsing. In 2021, Proya witnessed a volume of recycled water of 15,000m3, up by 8.7%;


    • In Proya's Huzhou Production Base (skincare factory), we established administrative documents such as the Sewage Treatment Management Policies, installed the Multi Vision COD online automatic monitoring instrument, and monitored the COD in treated water 24 hours a day to ensure class-A sewage discharge; we constructed a sewage treatment Policies to make sure the treated sewage is highly purified and recycled to protect the environment; in 2021, the Huzhou Production Base (skincare factory) added a set of MBR membrane treatment systems and invested RMB 200,000 every year to replace the membranes. The treated waste water reached the level-1 discharge standard;


    • In Proya's Huzhou Production Base (skincare factory), we have established administrative documents such as the Boiler Management Policies, invested more than RMB 600,000 to install a layered VOC treatment device, mainly for collecting and treating waste gas from front-end reactors, including the front-end collection pipe network, the back-end treatment equipment, the PLC electronic control system, and the entire work, so that the treated waste gas can reach the discharge standard; in 2020, we installed a new ultra-low nitrogen gas boiler to achieve a nitrogen oxide emission less than 30mg/m3, lower than the standard that is 50mg/m3;


    • In Proya's Huzhou Production Base (skincare factory), we applied macro management of solid waste. The factory was registered in the National Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Information System Platform. We made a pre-declaration for the generation of hazardous waste each year, and held public bidding on the production and hazardous waste treatment unit on the platform. The platform also handled hazardous waste applications to enable data tracking and risk prevention throughout the process of solid waste treatment;


    • In our logistics and warehousing, Proya established six sub-warehouses across China according to the proportion of orders received from the on-line channel in each province. This warehousing strategy improves transportation efficiency and reduces carbon emissions generated during transportation.
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