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Sustainable Products

Concept of Life Cycle Sustainability

Sustainable development is a main approach that we take to care about human being's future. With our mission of “Beauty Forever, Wonder to share”, PROYA prioritizes sustainability as a critical responsibility as we continue to develop. Products are the main carrier of PROYA's sustainability concept. We are committed to enhancing the sustainability of our products throughout their entire life cycle, reducing their environmental footprint, and improving their impact on society. To this end, we have developed a "sustainable product assessment model" that covers the whole product lifecycle to assess their sustainability performance and make constant improvements.



In the development of the model, we have taken into account leading international standards and key industry certification and rating programs. These include Chinas national standard GB/T 32161-2015 (General principles for eco-design product assessment), User Manual of EU Ecolabel Criteria for Cosmetic Products and Animal Care Products, Cradle to Cradle certification, principles of green chemistry, MSCI ESG rating methodology, among others. We also learned from industry best practices to improve the scientific level and comprehensiveness of the model to assess product sustainability performance in a comprehensive manner.

PROYA Product Sustainability Assessment Model

Based on the full lifecycle analysis approach, the model can be used to analyze the sustainability performance of products in terms of their environmental and human impacts caused by multiple factors in the stages of R&D, raw material acquisition, production, packaging, storage and logistics, consumption, use and disposal. 


Application of the Assessment Model

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    PROYA adopts the PDCA cycle to improve the assessment model and conducts internal pilots and rollouts of the model step by step. 

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    We gradually increase the share of new and upgraded products that undergo sustainability assessments to continuously enhance the sustainability of our new products, and we also disclose our progress in ESG reports and on the official website. 

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    In the future, we will compile assessment results into product sustainability files, which will be used in product marketing and consumer communications to promote our brand sustainability philosophy and guide our consumers toward sustainable consumption.


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