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「Specially designed for oily skin.」

Brand introduction


Focusing on the core pain points of youthful oily skin, HAPSODE follows a science-based mechanism of skin care to provide targeted, scientific, effective and safe products. By solving the problems caused by oily skin, HAPSODE makes skin care as easy and enjoyable as it should be.

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    Specially Designed for Oily Skin

    Redefining cleanness for oily skin

Star Products


Cleanser Balm

Deeply removing oil, with cleansing and removing functions


Polyacid Mud Mask

Removing deep-seated impurities with three types of acids and two types of muds


Redness Repairing Serum

Diminishing red acne scars with deep repairing and long-lasting stability


Olive Mask

Quickly reducing redness, stabilizing the skin barrier; eliminating redness crisis in 15 minutes


Antioxidant Mask

Applying and spreading on face to make the skin firmer and brighter in 15 minutes


Cleansing Mousse

Designed for sensitive skin; gentle cleansing without irritating the skin

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Product ingredient disclosure
The time of product ingredient disclosure lags behind the requirement. If an inconsistency exists, please refer to the registration information at the National Medical Products Administration. Here's the links to see the detailed product registration information:
China Specialty Cosmetics Registration Information
China General Cosmetics Recordation Information