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「Youthful feeling. Science-based power. 」

Brand introduction


Empowered by science and technology and guided by fearless young energy, PROYA strives to lead technological and aesthetic trends with science-backed, safe, and effective skincare solutions.

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    Youthful Feeling 

    Explore the world while you are young

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    Science-based Power 

    Science-based formula is your ideal skincare choice

Star Products


Wrinkless and Firming Series

Formulated with peptides and retinoids, the collection provides a science-based targeted solution for the anti-aging of youthful skin.


Elastic Brightening Youth Series

With cutting-edge technology + science-based formulas, the collection redefines the anti-aging trend.


Advanced Original Relief Concentrating Series

The collection uses BMs-Tech skin bottom repairing and stabilizing technology to achieve targeted repair of basement membrane.


Sun-screening and Whitening

Our certificated products are effective, gentle, and more friendly to people with sensitive skin.


Cycle Series

Full-cycle moisture formulation is designed to moisturize the dry skin.


lnaugurating Nourishing Face oil

Prospective science-based anti-aging solution powered by oil + golden oil compound technology = replenishing dry and aging skin with premium oil.

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The time of product ingredient disclosure lags behind the requirement. If an inconsistency exists, please refer to the registration information at the National Medical Products Administration. Here's the links to see the detailed product registration information:
China Specialty Cosmetics Registration Information
China General Cosmetics Recordation Information