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Legal Statement

Legal Statement

I. Preamble

This Website is the official website of PROYA COSMETICS CO., LTD. (Hereinafter referred to as PROYA). All contents contained in this Website are only for the users' personal and non-commercial purposes. We recommend all users browsing or using this Website carefully read relevant terms contained herein and agree to this Statement. Access to this Website and use of this Website by all means will be regarded as the unobjectionable acceptance of all contents contained in this Statement. In case of any objections, please consult with us in a timely manner and obtain our written consent.

II. Note on Intellectual Property Right

PROYA owns the copyright of this Website. The copyrights, trademark rights among other intellectual property rights of all domain names, words, trade names, trademarks, images, version designs, voices, software, and other works and materials contained in this Website are vested in PROYA and its affiliates, or other intellectual property owners who give licenses to this Website. Without the prior written permission from PROYA or other intellectual property owners, no part of this Website is allowed to be reproduced, distributed, printed, displayed, played, hyperlinked, reprinted or transmitted, or stored in an information retrieval system in any way, provided that the permission granted is only for the use of materials downloaded or printed from this Website for personal, non-industrial and non-commercial purposes, and the user is prohibited from altering such materials and must preserve all copyrights and other proprietary rights contained in such materials.

Where the user violates any of these terms and conditions, the permission will be terminated automatically. Upon the termination, the user shall immediately destroy any downloaded and printed materials. Without permission of PROYA, the user is also not allowed to upload any materials contained in this Website to any other servers by mirror image method.
Any violation of the aforesaid rights may lead to corresponding civil, administrative or criminal liabilities.

III. Protection of Personal Information

PROYA hereby solemnly undertakes that without the written consent of the user, this Website will not automatically collect the personal information of any user. Where we need to collect the personal information for providing the services selected by users (for instance, “Subscribe to stay up to date with our latest news”), we will keep confidential all personal information including e-mail address of users obtained and learned through this Website in accordance with Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, as well as other applicable laws, and will only use, store and share such information in a limited scope. In case of any question about the use, storage and protection of the personal information, the user may contact us through the following contact information, and we will help the user delete, correct, or process in other reasonable ways the personal information after verification. Our contact information are as follows:


Address: PROYA Building, No. 588 Xixi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou City

Postal code: 310023

Tel.: 0571-88931111 (central office)

Fax: 0571-88924097


IV. The User’s Obligations

        When browsing or using relevant data of this Website or releasing specific information on this Website, the user must act in good faith and caution, shall not intentionally or negligently damage or weaken any kinds of legitimate rights and interests of this Website, shall also not use this Website in any way that directly or indirectly engages in violations of Chinese laws, international conventions and social ethics, and shall abide by the following commitments:
   • Do not involve in any activity infringing copyrights, trademark rights, among other intellectual property rights;
   • Do not use relevant data or apply the right to use this Website in any illegal, or illegitimate purpose, or any other purposes which may lead to any civil or criminal liabilities according to law;
   • Ensure that all data and information provided are true, accurate and legal, and will not violate the legal rights of any third parties;

• Do not distribute, transfer or otherwise assign the rights and obligations hereunder to any third parties, without the written consent of PROYA;

• Do not interfere or disturb this Website and its web services;

• Obey the agreements, regulations, procedure and practices of this Website and its web services.

V. Disclaimer
    • All information (including but not limited to texts, images, and charts) are for reference only, and do not constituent the Website’s consent of their expression or description, and the user shall not use them as any basis for any particular purpose (for example, making any investment decision). And PROYA does not guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the contents contained in this Website. PROYA assumes no liability for any loss, damages and fees, including but not limited to any loss of profits, and indirect, punitive and subsequent losses, arising from the user’s accessing or using the information contained in this Website, or any other website linked to this Website.

 • Unless otherwise agreed, for any services provided by this Website, as well as new functions for enriching or improving the current services, PROYA assumes no liability for the timeliness, deletion, errors or failure in provision of any services and/or data.

 • PROYA assumes no liability for any leaked, lost, embezzled or tampered personal information caused by temporary suspension of service or shutdown of this Website for reasons not attributable to us, for instance, hacker attack, intrusion or outbreak of computer virus, and government regulation.

 • PROYA assumes no liability for full or partial invalidation of any service or failure in obtaining full or partial service and/or information due to the delay or failure of technical processing and transmission of such service and/or data on account of any communication network or connection in any aspect.

 • This Website may contain the data provided by third parties, or the links of other websites. PROYA assumes no liability for any third-party data or other websites (whether they are linked to this Website or not) which are not directly controlled by PROYA. When the user logs out this Website and skips to the aforesaid other websites, the user shall bear the risks arising from connecting to such websites or pages, and PROYA assumes no liability for any contents, ads, products and other data contained on or obtained from such websites or pages. Where other websites set up links to this Website without the prior written permission from PROYA, PROYA is entitled to require such websites to delete such links, and reserve the right to hold them liable.

• Where the government authorities require to disclose the personal information of the user according to laws and administrative regulations, this Website will provide the personal information to the government authorities according to laws and regulations or for the purpose of public security, and PROYA assumes no liability for such disclosure.

• Where the user informs the personal password to others or share the registered account with others, this Website shall not be liable for the leakage of any personal information caused therefrom.

•Where this Website needs to be suspended due to system maintenance or updating, an announcement will be released in advance. We apologize for any loss or inconvenience caused by the suspension of this Website due to network issues, hardware failure beyond the control of PROYA, as well as other force majeure events, and this Web is not liable for such loss or inconvenience.


VI. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

By accessing to this Website or using the facilities and (or) services provided by this Website, the user is deemed to have agreed that such accessing and using behaviors are bound by Chinese laws, and any lawful dispute arising out of this website and resorting to legal proceeding will be under the jurisdiction of the court where the owner of this Website is located (i.e., People's Court of Xihu District, Hangzhou), unless otherwise it is mandated by Chinese laws.

VII. Access Conditions

ROYA is entitled to update this Statement at any time. By continuing accessing to or using this Website following the update, the user is deemed to have agreed to be bound by the aforesaid update; and we recommend the user browse this page from time to time to confirm the access conditions are of the latest version.


III. Right of Interpretation

PROYA owns the rights of modification, update and final interpretation to this Statement.


IX. Miscellaneous

Any other issues not covered herein shall be subject to applicable laws and regulations of China. In the event of any conflict between this Statement and the laws and regulations of China, the laws and regulations of China shall prevail.

Product ingredient disclosure
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