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「Being focused to be more effective. 」

Brand introduction


CORRECTORS positions itself as a "targeted" brand that focuses on people with various skin problems. The brand insists on effectively treating skin problems with science-based solutions. The formula takes into account derivative phenomena and promises to deliver "visible changes after every use".

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    Being Focused to Be More Effective

    Visible changes after every use

Star Products


Anti-aging Serum

Advanced retinals focused on reducing wrinkles


Emergency Cream

Emergency plans to repair damaged skin


Brightening Serum

Rejuvenation treatment to achieve glowing skin


Pore Perfecting Serum

Pore refining solutions powered by two types of retinoids and acids

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Product ingredient disclosure
The time of product ingredient disclosure lags behind the requirement. If an inconsistency exists, please refer to the registration information at the National Medical Products Administration. Here's the links to see the detailed product registration information:
China Specialty Cosmetics Registration Information
China General Cosmetics Recordation Information