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Environmental Protection

    In 2007, Proya organized “Planting Trees by Thousands of People” event to create “Proya Gratitude Forest” in Lijiang, Yunnan and funded for management and protection.

    In April 2013 and April 2014, Proya organized its staff to planted saplings in “Proya Forest” in Huzhou, advocating people to love nature and protect the environment.

    In 2013, the company spent more than 3 million Yuan to build a “sewage disposal system” according to first-level national emission standards. Its waste water after purification has been used for cleaning, park landscaping, and fish pond breeding and so on. Every day, it can process more than 200 tons, achieving high purification and recycling.

    In 2013, the boiler room in Proya manufacturing headquarters implemented secondary upgrading and modification of its “solar assisted heating system”. It can use solar energy for daily pre-heating of water in the boiler room, followed by heating with natural gas. Every month, it can save natural gas of more than 6000 cubic meters, greatly reducing atmospheric emissions and carbon dioxide emissions.

    In 2014, the Embassy of Norway and Proya jointly injected capital into the UN Foundation’s Fund for UN Women to launch a new program, Climate Change and Protection of Women, in China. The Program aims to find out effective measures to address the health issues inflicted on women due to Climate Change.

    Proya manufacturing headquarters is using “air compressor heat recovery system” provided by IR for heat recovery, which can produce 25 tons 60 ℃ water every day available for more than 300 employees to bath, indirectly reducing carbon emissions of 30 tons per year.

    Proya manufacturing headquarters are implementing “intermediate water recycling system” to recycle water phased out of production process water. The recycled water is mainly used for garden landscaping, bathrooms, pallets and floor cleaning, achieving reuse of production process water and reducing 1,500 tons production water every month to achieve the purpose of energy saving.