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Cutting-edge Technology

Micro Submarine Express Technology:

Proya independently developed components carrying effect leading technology, " Micro Submarine Express Technology " (MSET), ensure that the ingredients can quickly penetrate into skin bottom, long-lasting effect on the skin deep.

MSET uses cutting-edge technology, the efficacy of ingredients into the world's most advanced MFIC high-pressure Microfluidizer, 3000 under the pressure of the particles impinging stream technology in diamond, which is concentrated into a diameter between 100-250nm deep submicron essence particles, ensure can pass through the skin stratum corneum clearance, effectively reach muscle bottom depths. In the manufacturing process, the use of cooling system with high efficiency, ensure the low temperature environment in the process of refining high concentration, the protection function of the bioactive components.

At the same time, wrapped by liposome technology unique, phospholipid structure mimic the skin cells of the native affinity cell wall, as if to extract concentration of particles after wearing a unique "skin diving suit", ensure the efficacy component security into muscle bottom, before the group of cells to nutrient release long-awaited the.

Deep sea science and technology:

Proya as a marine skincare experts, persist for many years to the natural health care concept, committed to the research and development of marine energy. In the skin, the scientists believe that the ocean include algae, plankton and microorganisms of hundreds of thousands of different kinds of living things, and even together with the deep sea water, can infuse new energy for life.

Seaweed is rich in phospholipids, protection after billions of years of evolution of polymeric protein and polysaccharide polymer, therefore has excellent moisture and inherent regulation function. The discovery and extraction. The one essence, add them in cosmetics to help the skin to resist from environmental damage.

The sea gives deep ocean water is extremely rich in minerals and nutrients. Analysis of different levels of deep sea water, found deep ocean water, and the rich variety of trace elements nutrition, close and natural skin moisture, make the skin maintain a healthy moist.

Deep heat resistant bacteria live in no sunshine, no oxygen, a lot of sulfide, toxic environment, the existence of a large number of free radicals under. They can secrete a lot of active enzyme against free radicals and toxic substances. . thus developed can resist high temperature, sunshine and a poisoned environment on the skin damage, restore skin's natural barrier.

In 2014 April, Proya won the national deep-sea base authorization management center, become a "strategic partner dragon" manned deep diving career after lifting. Sea level, skin care to a new level, to accelerate the ocean cutting-edge technology to the transformation of achievements.