Adhering to the corporate mission of "Ever-lasting beauty and sharing bliss", and depending on its distinctive brand image, superior product quality, innovative marketing strategies and international philosophy for public benefit, PROYA Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has quickly seized a place in the cosmetics industry, and become one of the top domestic cosmetics companies.

“Natural and Healthy Skin Care” is the core concept of PROYA’s products. So far the company has successfully created 8  brands including Proya, TIMAGE, Off&Relax, Hapsode,  CORRECTORS, UZERO, ANYA and INSBAHA with over 1000 products, able to satisfy the demands of consumers of different age and with different preferences; established nationwide distribution network across more than 30 cities, covering department stores, cosmetic boutiques, large supermarket chains and electronic business platforms. The company has successfully realized the multi-brand, multi-category, multi-channel and multi-model operation and development mechanism, achieving a leading position in the Chinese beauty market.

It is PROYA’s prospect to “Become a world-class cosmetics enterprise”. PROYA has invested tens of millions of yuan to purchase dozens of top equipment from the USA, Germany, France, etc., established long-term strategic partnership with 320 famous cosmetic raw material suppliers and more than 10 research & development institutions around the world, attracted high-end talents from the USA, the UK, South Korea, etc. to join in, put a modern garden factory with more than ten thousand-square meter area and more than 1200 employees into operation, and has planned to build a headquarters building with a building area of more than 60,000 m2 beside the West Lake.With the enterprise spirit of “Diligence, Pragmatism, Passion, Progressiveness, Integrity and Gratitude”, PROYA has been recognized and trusted by multiple domestic and foreign governments and institutions thanks to its outstanding product quality and undertaking of social responsibility, has be awarded with “High-tech Enterprise”, “ISO9001 Quality Management System” and “ISO14001 Environmental Management System”, and has become the first partner of UN Women in China. As a “Global Growth Company” officially awarded by World Economic Forum, PROYA has embarked on the journey of carrying out the cause of beauty by assimilating the advanced knowledge from around the world.

Global Supply Chain

Based on the company's development needs, with an international perspective, PROYA selects partners with the strongest capabilities and industrial advantages across the world, constructing a global supply chain system. The management of global supply chain emphasizes the planning, coordination, operation, control and optimization of supply chain while comprehensively and quickly understanding consumers’ demand, and the realization of supply chain integration and rapid response relying on the support of modern network information technology, to achieve the objective of smooth coordination among business flows, logistics, capital flow and information flow to meet consumers’ demand.

Raw materials
Quality Inspection
  • Raw materials

    PROYA has established long-term partnership relations with a number of global professional cosmetics R&D institutions; selected world-class suppliers to import quality raw materials among which 96% are imported from more than 20 countries including European countries, US, Japan, etc.

  • Equipment

    With the endeavor of gathering the intelligence in the industry, in the process of accelerating internationalization, the company has introduced the world's cutting-edge technology and equipment, including the Swiss Mettler’s most sophisticated intelligent weighing and batching management system, German top manufacturer EKATO’s homogeneous emulsification equipment, French KALIX’s automatic toner, lotion and cream filling line, Italian CAM’s automatic plastic sealing machine, etc. Efficient and intelligent automation equipment provide adequate capacity for the sustainable development; the perfect combination of strict production standards, cutting-edge production equipment and precise production technology ensures the smooth production of high-quality products, thus enables the effective respond to the demands of the market under rapid development.

  • Quality Inspection

    Relying on the advanced detection equipment and the all-around quality control, PROYA has passed the GMPC (Good Manufacturing Practice of Cosmetic) certification issued by the famous certification company SGS, as well as ISO9001 / OHSAS18000 / ISO14001 quality, safety and environmental management system certification, and its products have passed 127 international professional tests, which works as a solid guarantee for the consistent high quality of our products.

  • Logistics

    PROYA’s warehousing and logistics center is equipped with three-dimensional high-rise shelves, world-class SAP WM warehouse management system and MES visualization management system, real-time inventory status control and inventory analysis can be realized through the system management and control, which can help the company precisely master the inventory and field operation conditions in a timely manner.

  • E-commerce

    PROYA’s e-commerce center “Beauty Valley”, as the company's new generation of network sales platform, under the support of the multiple brands’ influence and based on a variety of e-commerce models, has innovatively introduced the tailored services provided by beauty experts such as skincare experts and makeup teachers, and established a new benchmark of B2C model in the cosmetics industry. In 2014, Beauty Valley was honored as “Key Enterprises of National E-Commerce Demonstration Base".

scientific strength

PROYA has spared no effort to solicit scientific and technological talents and introduce technologies, so as to establish a world-class R&D Innovation Center, which takes technological innovation as the core, has a comprehensive management from forming the ideas of products to putting the products into market based on long-term accumulated experiences and unique technology, ensures the advantage that the products are advanced in the technological field, and provides safe, effective and beautiful products to the consumers.

CSR concept

CSR concept

With the goal of sustainable development, the excellent-product-oriented PROYA has created a quality ecosphere wherein employees, associates and consumers can live and grow harmoniously. PROYA promises that it will continuously fulfill the social value of the enterprise with diversified public welfare practices through three dimensions of female cause, development aid and environmental protection.    

PROYA is committed to female cause, focusing on female employment and physical and mental health, and further expanding the gender equality around the world; PROYA is committed to the development aid, paying attention to force majeure as natural disasters, protecting the vulnerable groups and extending the positive energy to the whole society; and PROYA is committed to the environmental protection, promising to carry out the project of “Making Sky Bluer and Water Greener”, and contribute to the future development of the world.